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Your Gluten-Free Journey
Whether by a doctor’s diagnosis or your own trail and error, it can be overwhelming when you first discover that you need or want to eat gluten-free.
Although it’s better than years past, there’s still a segment of people who don’t understand gluten intolerance. It can make you feel like an outsider.

The worst part is not being able to join in simple celebrations that you used to love. Holidays at your family’s home can feel awful: “What? You can’t eat toast? You can’t eat my rolls? Or my pie? What am I going to feed you?” Birthday and wedding cake: gone. Office parties: awkward. Dinner out at a restaurant: gastro-minefield. Cookie decorating parties: a thing of the past.

At The Compass Rose Bakery, we’re here to help you eat gluten free, be healthy, and enjoy all of life’s celebrations.

Jan’s Story
As a little girl I was the queen of making mud pies. Flash forward to 1988, when my husband, Paul (known as “Tall Paul” all over Leelanau County), opened Suttons Bay-kery, and I was elected to bake and decorate all the cakes. I was thrilled to be baking and decorating real food! It was an honor to help with people’s holiday, birthday, anniversary or wedding celebrations.

After my own diagnosis of gluten-intolerance in 2005 and subsequent years of trial and error in the kitchen, I figured out a gluten-free flour blend that created rich, moist baked goods that didn’t crumble on contact. I shared my products with family and friends, with rave reviews, and came to the conclusion that baked goods crafted with my flour blend could help people re-join the small and big celebrations in life.

So here we are — The Compass Rose Bakery — a new direction in baking!